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Welcome to Premium Tech Tool, where you can purchase the Premium Tech Tool (PTT) diagnostic software and other hardware & software.  Please read the important information about the ordering process shown under the HOME tab. 

 ***NEWS FLASH**** Installation of PTT 2.02.94 might require synchronization on first login. Click here for details

Effective Immediately to improve order turnaround time, one User ID per Client ID will be assigned for all new software requests.  The User ID will be set up using your Company Name and City.***

Premium Tech Tool software is now compatible with Windows 7 Professional (32 or 64 bit) with or without SP1, or Windows 7 Enterprise (See Computer Specifications).

Premium Tech Tool software Install is now available through Volvo IT!!

See “PTT Specialist Install” in the drop list under the Home tab prior to ordering your Software and Laptops.

The PTT software will communicate with Mack, Volvo and UD vehicles with the proper interface device (adapter). 

When ordering PTT software, you will be required to fill out an electronic copy of the User Registration Worksheet. Copies of both the New Order User Registration Worksheet and the Upgrade User Registration Worksheet can be found under the SOFTWARE tab.  These worksheets may be opened and printed and filled out to be sure you have all the information that will be requested, as you place your order.

Please be aware that your session will timeout within 20 minutes of no interaction with the server. 

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

PTT products can only be shipped to customers in the United States and Canada. 

PTT products are not permitted for resell or distribution outside United States and Canada.


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